Vietnam Haiphong thermal power plant boasts 300MW sub-critical double extraction heating coal-fired power generation units together with desulphurization facilities. The whole set of production equipment puts a high requirement for the power distribution system.

Owing to the excellent design scheme, good after-sales services, and reliable technical support, Whatoop completed technical exchanges with the employer and electrical engineers within two months, with the product design, procurement, production, inspection, debugging, and shipment completed and delivery made ahead of schedule. During site installation and debugging of the equipment, Whatoop organized a high-caliber electrical after-sales team and automation debugging team to finish electrical debugging and automation debugging with the support of the employer and design experts, thus realizing the low-voltage smart monitoring and telecommunication functions of EMCS system of the plant.

Upon normal operation of the equipment, Whatoop dispatches engineers in the Guangzhou office on a regular basis to make a return visit to the client and conduct patrol inspection of the equipment to know the operation condition of the equipment and solve possible problems during operation. The equipment has been in good operation so far.

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