The housing is supplied with a range of accessories to ensure its proper and efficient function. In this complete list of electrical enclosure accessories, you will find all about them explained. These range from basic components like mounting hardware to more complex components like ventilation systems.

1. Electrical enclosure accessories

Electrical enclosure accessories refer to various accessories and parts that help to complete the electrical enclosure. These can include anything from ventilation systems to more complex components such as heating and cooling units. Different types of cabinets have different cabinet accessories. For example, wall-mounted cabinets require different accessories than floor-standing cabinets.

To help you learn everything there is to know about cabinet accessories, we’ve put together this comprehensive list. This list is not exhaustive, but it covers the most commonly used and important accessories.

Electrical Accessories

2. Types of electrical accessories

Cabinet accessories can be roughly divided into two categories: accessories that are essential to the normal operation of the cabinet and accessories that enhance the performance of the cabinet. Below is a list of these accessories and their functions.

1) Electrical enclosure DIN rail

Enclosure DIN rails are used to mount electrical components inside the enclosure. These include items such as circuit breakers, contactors, and relays. Electrical enclosure DIN rails come in different sizes and lengths, so it is important to choose the right rail for your enclosure.

Enclosures with din rails will use one of the following types: top hat, mini top hat, C-rail, and G-profile.

2) Electrical enclosure backplane

The electrical enclosure backplate serves as a base for mounting electrical components inside and outside the enclosure. Typically, the same material used for the case itself is used for the backplate. This ensures that the backplane is durable and able to withstand the same environmental conditions as the case material.

3) Electrical housing hole plug

These housing accessories are used to plug unused or unwanted holes in the housing. This helps keep dust and water out of the case. Electrical enclosure hole plugs are available in different sizes to fit different types of holes, but most are round.

4) Electrical enclosure gasket

An enclosure gasket is a seal used to prevent dust and water from entering an enclosure cabinet or box. Electrical enclosure gaskets are available in different materials including neoprene, silicone, and EPDM.

5) Electrical enclosure cooling system

Electrical enclosure cooling helps to remove heat from the inside of the enclosure and lowers the temperature. These are often used in housings that house sensitive electronic components that may be damaged by heat. There are different types of cooling systems for the enclosures.

1. Electrical enclosure fan

These are used to circulate the air inside the enclosure and remove heat. Electrical enclosure fans come in different sizes, and the type of fan you choose depends on the size of the enclosure.

2. Electrical enclosure air conditioner

They work by removing heat from the air inside the enclosure and circulating cooler air. They come in different sizes, from tiny air conditioners for small enclosures to large air conditioners for larger enclosures.

3. Electrical enclosure heat sink

Another option for cooling the case is to use a heat sink. They dissipate heat away from electronic components. Case radiators can be combined with fans or air conditioners to provide a more efficient cooling system.

6) Electrical enclosure ventilation

Electrical enclosure vents help prevent internal heat buildup. They work by promoting air circulation within the enclosure and reducing the temperature. There are two main options for fence ventilation systems: forced and natural.

Forced ventilation actively pushes air into the enclosure, while natural ventilation relies on the movement of air to circulate it. To prevent dust and water from entering the enclosure, the vent must be fitted with a filter.

Electrical Accessories

7) Electrical enclosure heaters

Electrical enclosure heaters help prevent condensation from forming inside the enclosure. Condensation can occur when there is a temperature difference between the air inside the enclosure and the air outside.

8) Electrical enclosure lighting system

Electrical enclosure lighting systems are used to provide lighting within enclosures. This is very important for safety as well as being able to see inside the enclosure. These electrical enclosure accessories are available in two types:

  • Fluorescent Lamps: These are used to provide general lighting within the enclosure
  • LED Lighting: LEDs provide more focused and brighter light and are often used for their durability and ease of installation.

9) Surrounding windows

Electrical enclosure windows are used to allow the enclosure to be seen without opening it. This is important for security as well as being able to see what’s going on inside the enclosure. Case windows come in different sizes and shapes and can be made of different materials such as glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

10) Electrical enclosure cable entry

Electrical enclosure cable entry systems are used to route cables into and out of enclosures. This helps keep the cables neat and organized and prevents them from being damaged. Cable entry systems come in different sizes and shapes, including frames and grommets.

11) Shell frame

Shelves are used to store items within the enclosure. These electrical enclosure accessories are available as sliding or fixed and in different materials. Racks for electrical enclosures must be able to support the weight of the items they will store.

12) Electrical enclosure latch

Cabinet latches help secure or close the cabinet. These case accessories help secure your case but don’t necessarily lock it down. Therefore, they do not prevent unauthorized persons from entering the cabinet. Electrical enclosure latches are available in different styles.

13) Electrical enclosure door lock

Electrical enclosure door locks are used to secure enclosure doors. These locks help prevent unauthorized access to the enclosure as they can only be opened with a key. Different types of cabinet locks are available to secure various installations, such as latches and cam locks.

14) Electrical enclosure hinges

Enclosure hinges are used to connect the enclosure door to the enclosure body. They also come in many different designs and can be light or heavy depending on the application. The most common styles are piano, continuous, butt, and spring. The hinges on electrical enclosures must be strong enough to support the door’s weight.

15) Electrical enclosure handle

The electrical enclosure handles make it convenient to open and close enclosure doors. To meet the specific needs of your application handles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

16) Electrical enclosure canopy

A canopy is used to keep the shell dry in wet weather conditions. These electrical enclosure accessories come in different sizes and materials and can be attached to the side of the enclosure or placed on top.

17) Electrical enclosure sun visor

To keep the shell cool in hot weather conditions, a sun visor is available. Electrical enclosure sun shades block the sun’s rays from entering the enclosure and are available in different sizes and materials.

18) Electrical enclosure data package

Data bags are used to store files inside the enclosure. This helps keep documents organized and protected. The case data bag also ensures that the required information about the case and its contents is readily available.

19) Electrical enclosure insulation

Electrical enclosure insulation helps keep the enclosure cool in hot weather conditions and prevents condensation in cold weather conditions. In other words, it regulates the transfer of heat into and out of the enclosure. Housing insulation is available in different materials such as polyurethane and polyisocyanurate. Depending on your application, it is available in different thicknesses.

20) Shell wall-mounted

Wall mounts or mounting brackets are used to attach enclosures to walls.  This helps save space and keeps the cabinet out of the way. Wall mount brackets are available in different sizes to attach to different electrical enclosure sizes and sturdiness to accommodate different enclosure weights.

21) Electrical enclosure grounding busbar

The cabinet ground strap is used to provide a path for current flow to the earth. This helps prevent electric shock and other hazards. Ground busbars are made of copper or aluminum and are available in different sizes.

Electrical Accessories

3. Conclusion

The list of electrical enclosure accessories is long, but this should give you a good idea of the different types available. You should consider your application’s specific needs when selecting enclosure accessories. Remember that using the correct enclosure accessories will help ensure your electrical enclosures function properly and meet specific safety requirements.

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